Wanting: Waylande Gregory

December 19, 2012 § Leave a comment


Waylande Gregory pieces are much sought after. He died in 1971 but his pieces are timeless. A prolific ceramist sculptor, he became famous for his groundbreaking technique allowing him to create very large sculptures. But for me… I’d be so very happy with these small trays. The 24 karat gold finish is stunning, peaking through white or black patterning.

These would be perfection in your front hall entry to lay your keys down. Or perhaps they’d contain your favourite jewellery in your Dressing Room? Or how about just on their own?! So warm and glowy and sparkly… sigh.


Inspired: Alison Van Pelt

September 24, 2012 § 4 Comments

Pink and Orange Frida – Alison Van Pelt

Light Grey Nude – Alison Van Pelt

William Burroughs – Alison Van Pelt

After spotting this artist’s work in this interior, I couldn’t help but look into more of her work.

Alison Van Pelt’s works are BIG (i.e. 9 feet x 7 feet!!!). I love the scale of these paintings. And even though the images are purposely softened and blurred, it’s the bold colour and sheer size of the pieces that make an impact. And the portraits themselves are mesmerizing, transfixing. Wish I had a wall big enough…!

Want some more? Click here.

Inspired: Stacked

May 7, 2012 § 10 Comments

Using everyday objects and stacking them in confined spaces, Swedish artist Michael Johansson tries to make installation art more approachable and less alienating to the world around him. Where colour, shape and size are his main concern when stacking his piece together, he tries to keep the objects within context. Above, ‘The Flat’ includes a washing machine, closet doors, a microwave, radiators and, my favourite, ice cube trays. I’ve seen some closets that look like this! ;)

And here, another example of his work titled ‘Self Contained’. In this piece, his objects are very much contextual and yet I do feel he’s paid close attention to colour still – deep, intense and saturated colour. There’s real vibrancy to this installation.

I couldn’t contain myself…. lol… and had to share it with you. For more, directly from the artist himself, click here.

Snapshots: Splintered

April 29, 2012 § 6 Comments

By JR and Liu Bolin - street art and camouflage

Pam & Jenny - Scam, 2011

By Tomas Saraceno

Split Ship Run - designchickee

Early Morning Run - designchickee

Ever get the feeling you’re living your life in two different worlds? If you’re a Fringe fan, you’ll completely be on board with this concept. But essentially – two worlds happening simultaneously. And You may or may not make the same decisions your ‘duplicate’ would make. Far out there, right? Not that I believe the two separate worlds bit but wouldn’t it be great to ‘live’ both versions? See what happens when you make the other choice?

Inspired: Agraffes

March 25, 2012 § 3 Comments

I know… how in the world??? I can’t even begin to understand how this was made! From a distance, it truly looks like a sketch or an etching. Instead… it’s staples. Or, agraffes… since the artist himself is French. Baptiste Debombourg is a visual artist and you absolutely need to check out his website to understand that it’s not just about office supplies. He’s super imaginative. Very creative. And in this piece, inspired by Mannerist artwork. Clearly.

I’ve been meaning to create an inspiration wall in my apartment but didn’t want to ‘thumb tack’ things to the wall because of the holes. Now I’m thinking I’m just being silly… Staples are the way to go.

I can’t wait to hear your thoughts… ;)

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