Calçada From My Tia Anita

April 23, 2012 § 18 Comments

Calçada Portuguesa – Portuguese Stone Pavements by Ernesto Matos

If you’ve ever been to Lisbon or anywhere in Portugal, or any of its colonies (Brazil, Macau and Gibraltar), you’ll be familiar with this very distinct form of ‘street art’. Calçada is the Portuguese word for pavement and the roads are literally paved with cobblestones (like most European cities). Here, they use a combination of white limestone and blue/gray basalt (in some cases pale pink as well). Inspired by Roman mosaics, the city was literally repaved after it suffered a devastating earthquake in 1755. Today, municipalities continue to expand the art form, making it the basis for urban renewal and a form of cultural expression.

I received this beautiful coffee table book from my Tia Anita. It quickly became one of my treasured books. And with my love of drawings… this book reveals some of the details and sketches necessary for these inspiring two-dimensional designs. Love… love….

For more images and specific locations, this is a great article on Lisbon’s 10 Most Beautiful Pavements (though, in my mind… there’s definitely more than ten). The book is titled ‘Calçada Portugesa – Portuguese Stone Pavements’ by Ernesto Matos. Photos of the book are by designchickee.


Drawn To Drink

April 16, 2012 § 8 Comments

It was the drawings that drew me in… To Interior Design. Not drinking!

I loved all the symbols and extension lines. The line weights and the hatch patterns. The dimensions and angles of geometry. All in an effort to communicate how the object, room  or building will be made. It’s brilliant, really.

Here’s an example of a beautiful technical drawing of Baccarat‘s newest line of glassware. Not sure which I admire more…the drawing or the actual piece!

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