Roaming: Madrid’s Plaza Mayor

September 2, 2012 § 1 Comment

I’m reminiscing about my trip earlier this year to Madrid, Spain. There’s something so imperial about this place, Plaza Mayor. Maybe it’s the statue of King Phillip III, imposing and majestic, planted firmly in the centre of the square. Or maybe it’s the red stuccoed walls, embracing and containing historical events for centuries past. I remember walking into the square and being in awe of the symmetry and the colour and the architecture. Filled with street performers, shops and restaurants, it’s a surprisingly quiet repository in a busy, bustling city.

Truly, one of my favourite moments in Madrid.


Roaming: Barcelona Revisited

June 23, 2012 § 12 Comments

Ciutat Vella

Carrer de Ferran

Ibericus – a butcher shop

Cone of Meat (or at least that’s what I called it)

Authentic Paella

Plaça Réal

You know that point when you realize you’re going on a trip SOON but it’s really, actually, not soon enough? Yes… that’s me these days. Lots to do and no energy to do it because my brain has taken an early leave of absence – without permission!

In anticipation of my travels… I thought I’d look back on my trip to Barcelona earlier this year – one more time – and whet my appetite, relive some memories and help get me through the next few weeks before my vacation!

Snapshots of some of my favourite things:

  • Barcelona architecture – all around – it was beautiful!
  • Carrer de Ferran – I walked this street between La Rambla and the El Born District a ‘million times’ and loved it each time.
  • Ibericus – this boutique butcher shop was located in a shopping mall! The Spanish take their cured meats very seriously and the ‘Cone Of Meat’ was something I’ll never forget.
  • Paella – I loved the presentation of this dish as much as the dish itself!
  • Plaça Réal – one of the many squares with arched colonnades – great for sitting outdoors and people watching.

Roaming: Barcelona

March 27, 2012 § 2 Comments

View of La Rambla from my hotel balcony

Covered patio for a tapas restaurant

A plaça in Barcelona, one of many!

A tapas restaurant in the El Born District.

Chocolatey goodness at Xocoa!

Patates Bravas!... so delish!

My first time in Barcelona… and it won’t be my last. The city is beautiful. The tapas is yummy-licious and beyond what words can express. And the architecture…. well, I wish I had my Nikon D3100 to fully capture it all back in January!

Some of my favourite things:

  • tapas
  • La Rambla
  • Carrer de Ferran
  • El Born District
  • tapas
  • dinner outdoors even in January
  • Picasso Museum
  • tapas
  • balconies and tree-lined streets
  • Catalán language (though everyone spoke English)
  • did I mention the tapas? :)

I thought I’d be able to add everything to one post but that wouldn’t really be fair. Barcelona is so much more than just one blog post! So this will be the first in a series. Hasta luego!

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