Inspired: Versailles in the Snow

December 16, 2012 § 8 Comments

What could be more inspiring than Versailles?

And since this is the season for snow and flurries and drifts and flakes that too quickly become slush and drudge and black ice… I thought that maybe I’d keep the fluffy white stuff as beautiful and magical as when it first lays down. Captured beautifully here in these photos, Versailles’ gardens are snow tipped and white capped.

Absolute magic.


Interiors: Rue de Rivoli

June 8, 2012 § 5 Comments

When life gives you high ceilings and beautifully detailed mouldings… you make an Interior Designer like me, very giddy.

This 18th century building sits across from the Louvre and boasts high ceilings, detailed panel mouldings, mirrors that make you feel like you’re in Versailles, and a stunning marble bathroom. However opulent that sounds, this interior is actually softened by its contemporary planes and lines. Key features are brought forward while others are understated and basic. A real-life contemporary approach to living in an 18th century interior. Unless, of course, you really do have some Ladies in Waiting.

Details that I love:

  • full height panel mouldings and dado skirting, dutifully restored (anytime you do this… I’m in love… just sayin’)
  • large full height opposing mirrors in the living room  (bookends to the living in between)
  • floating staircase and mezzanine (i love that they float in front of the mirror)
  • marble bathroom with large black sliding doors acting as privacy screens
  • built-in lounger next to the built-in bath… luxe, luxe and more luxe (ok…this may not be the most discreet of details but I love it anyway)

So what does your home look like if you live across the street from the Louvre? Oh, right. See above.

Inspired: Massimo Listri

May 30, 2012 § 4 Comments

Castello di Pierrefonds, France

Reggia di Venaria II, Piemonte

Lapidorio di Palazzo Mozzi Bardini, Florence

Admont Library, Austria

Reggia di Venaria I, Piemonte

Weimar Library, Germany

Imagine being the only person in these remarkable, sometimes even restricted, interiors. Massimo Listri is the lucky one. He experiences all that detail and light and grandeur all on his own. Thankfully, he does so with his camera and captures the majestic silence in his photographs so that we too can experience true splendour.

For more on Listri’s awe-inspiring work, click here.

Snapshots: Tee-hee

March 11, 2012 § Leave a comment

Joshua Longo's Monster Skin Rug

Red Ball Project

Takashi Murakami's exhibit at Versailles

What does music look like - Martin Klimas

Bokeh Explosion by Gav Owen

Made me smile… how about you?

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