Interiors: Now You See It…

April 26, 2012 § 7 Comments

I love a smooth lacquer finish! White. Black. Perfect. I also love that this smooth lacquer finish hides a multitude of household amenities, tucking away all things utilitarian: a kitchen, a laundry, an internet hub, and closet storage.

But I absolutely love that it does all that while exposing a lovely library.

Clever. Very, very clever.

Designed by Tribe Studio Architects from Australia.


Interiors: Colour Blocked

March 3, 2012 § 2 Comments

The video link below is what kicked off my search for ordered chaos amongst loads of colour. I think when you have a colourful collection (books or teapots or the like), you really need to curate your composition. Be deliberate about what you group together. There’s nothing haphazard about these shelves.

You MUST click on the video link below…you won’t regret it. Almost 3 million viewers (and counting) can’t be wrong. Plus the star of the clip is located in my neighbourhood! What a pleasure!

Do you have a collection of some kind? How do you like to display your treasured items?

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