Inspired: Veggies Delight

September 21, 2012 § 4 Comments

I absolutely fell in love with these crochet pieces from JungJung! The olives, especially!

How about a series of these on your kitchen wall above your banquet seat… each one pinned to a linen background, shadow-box framed with white, simple frames! They’re so delicate and lovely and intricate. Grouped together en masse. The colours, soft and organic. Sigh…

My mom will love this post… I can just tell. Crochet? And vegetables? Perfection.

Thank you to Florence & Millie for sharing this. I couldn’t help but reiterate. :)


Crouching Tiger, Hidden Oasis

September 4, 2012 § 4 Comments

Sometimes a fence can bring you so much more than just a little privacy. In this case, it contains a zen oasis, inside and out.

I love the idea of having a large koi pond complete with floating lilly pads and a chiselled stone walkway… how very ‘Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’!

And then there’s the zen sand garden… life-sized!

But I’m really loving the charred cedar planks in the fence and the ipé wood in the deck, floors and ceilings… beautiful continuity.

And finally… that bathroom! Unlike any spa environment I’ve ever seen… perfection in limestone walls and a deep stone tub, ipé walkways lined with basalt river rocks and an intriguing placement of windows, connecting the outdoors, in.

Sigh… Zen at it’s best! For more on this beautiful home, click here.

Snapshots: Peaks and Valleys

August 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

I don’t remember ever really appreciating the landscape of Portugal as much as I did this summer. Or at least never realizing how diverse it is. Here, some amazing views near Barragem de Santa Luzia, full of valleys and peaks and beaming rays of sunshine!  The silence up here was deafening. The light was both clear and fuzzy at the same time. The visible distance only a fraction of what was truly out beyond us. And the realization that we are just a mere speck in the world… each one of us! Sigh… truly a spiritual moment for me.

Oh…and let’s not forget the abundance of pure, fresh air… :)

Gelato On The Brain

August 8, 2012 § 4 Comments

What’s more summery than gelato?


After visiting Artegelato & Cafe (my new favourite hangout) and thoroughly enjoying the sugar free Pistachio (yes, I said sugar free),… I seem to have ‘Gelato Brain’. Nothing but gelato on the brain! Where nothing I eat even comes close to the yumminess and tastiness of that pistachio goodness.

So… I’ve decided to forego dinner in the summer and have gelato every night. Who’s with me?

Oh, can I live here? Amanda Peet

July 23, 2012 § 7 Comments

Amanda Peet’s home is a recipe for ‘heavenly’… cypress trees, a pergola, a pool and a grapefruit tree orchard! Gasp!

What more could anyone want?

Oh, I know… Amanda Peet as your best friend. She’s funny, you know. ;)

Wanting: Tea Towels & Cake Rolls

July 18, 2012 § 2 Comments

I love tea towels. Yes. I do.

I think my admiration started when I was a kid, helping my mom bake a cake roll (the kind with the  jam filling). She’d use her best tea towel to lay the cake slab and then roll it up tight once the slab was covered with the filling. I thought it was rather magical.

Enormous Champion has several delightful patterns like this one, among other items. All their products are environmentally friendly.

Click here and you can watch ‘the magic happen’ as one of my favourite TV Chefs, Ricardo, makes a cake roll too – though I think his tea towel isn’t as pretty. ;)

Wanting: Desk Buddies

July 11, 2012 § 2 Comments

Not sure which I love more: the gradation of colour or the embossed labels on each item!? Clever!!!

Tape. Calculator. Hub. Stapler. Hole Punch. Calendar. Lens.

I need one or all of these things on any given day, slaving away at my desk! If only I had these desk accessories from Buro! I might not feel like such a slave then. :)

Yes… Wanting!

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