Andy, My Mini Cooper…

June 14, 2012 § 7 Comments

Six years of zipping around in my Mini Cooper (I named him Anderson Cooper) is coming to an end. It’s time for a change. Sniff…

I’ll miss the little voice in my head that squeals ‘oh, you’re so cute’ as I approached you each and every time. I’ll miss your seatbelt warning bop, your oval-shaped side and rear view mirrors (again, oh so cute). I’ll miss the changeable interior ‘mood lighting’ (which, admittedly, I changed according to my own mood ALMOST each and every time). I’ll miss parallel parking in teeny, tiny spaces and being the envy of all other normal sized vehicle drivers. I’ll miss our road trips to Montreal and New York and all points in between. Most of all, I’ll miss how everyone else gushes over you and wants to know what you’re like to drive when they see me pull up (I actually loved that!).

Yes… you are a sporty, attractive, little go-carting, wonder machine!

But imagine driving a go-cart everyday for six years!? Yup. It’s time…

Farewell, my dear Andy. May your roads be smoothly paved wherever your new owner takes you!

***UPDATE: I just realized that I’m really going to miss zipping around in my underground garage pretending to be in the movie The Italian Job. Sigh…


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