Newbie Blogger Lesson #1

February 23, 2012 § Leave a comment

So, can you tell I’m new at this blogging thing?

I decided to delete some photos from my WordPress Media Library…thinking I was being organized. How smart am I? Look at me… keeping my Media Library down to only a few images of what I may need in the future. Woot woot for me!

Only to realize those very same images were now missing from the actual blog! Yikes…

So, I’ve had to reload all those images, complete with new captions and new links. This blog is already taking up much of my brain space (clearly, there’s so little of it) and now having to re-do all of this work just about put me back in the ‘Blog? What Blog?’ phase of my life!

But alas… it is complete. Er, I think. (Being a newbie and all, I’m only as good as my last click! Which also means this may be a recurring theme!!)

Newbie Lesson #1 – Stay away from any sort of clickage on or around the words ‘delete permanently’. 


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